Virtual Appointments – What to Expect

April 6, 2020


Dr. Kortam is now seeing all of her patients for appointments virtually!

If you don’t already have one, please text our office cell phone at 703-229-9469 to schedule yours. 

What to expect during the appointment:

  1. Dr. Kortam will check on your or your child’s bite to identify compliancy with rubber band wear, as well as if the size, pattern or number of hours of wear needs adjustment.
  2. She will check oral hygiene and provide guidance for the areas that might need improvement.
  3. She will look to see that the teeth alignment is on track.
  4. If you or your child wear aligners, she will check on the progress of your treatment and assess your need for more aligners.

Face-to-Face video appointments:

  • Dr. Kortam will call you from the office cell phone (703-229-9469) and will request to FaceTime if you have an iPhone, or use WhatsApp video if you have an Android.
  • Bring 2 plastic spoons with you to retract your lips and cheeks for better assessment of your teeth. (Below is Dr. Kortam’s daughter demonstrating the views!)

Photo submission only appointments: